Should You Tip Your Food Driver If You Are Already Paying Delivery Fees?


When you’re out for dinner, tipping your waiter or waitress is expected of you. As per American custom, the average amount restaurant-goers tip is about 15 to 20 percent of the bill.

But, when it comes to delivery drivers, social customs don’t seem to be as clear. So, should you tip the delivery driver, and if so, how much?

A new survey shows that on average, only 15.7 percent of Americans tip their driver when getting food delivered, and 64 percent of them tip a percentage of the food cost versus a flat amount.

People are evenly divided on how they tip, with over half of the respondents, 52 percent, tipping in cash and 46 percent tipping via the app they ordered with.

Newsweek has gathered information from delivery drivers and delivery service providers, to find out whether or not you should tip your delivery driver.

Should You Tip Your Delivery Driver?

driver delivering pizzas
A stock image shows a delivery driver delivering pizzas. Newsweek has gathered information from delivery drivers and delivery service providers, to find out whether or not you should tip your delivery driver and how much if so.
Getty Images/Getty

Most food delivery providers encourage customers to tip drivers, even if they’re paying delivery fees, especially if the driver had to ride in the rain or if they had to put in some extra effort delivering an exceptionally large order.

A spokesperson for food ordering and delivery platform Grubhub told Newsweek: “Our drivers are a top priority for us, and tipping allows diners to show appreciation for the hard work that goes into delivering every order. That’s why we give diners the opportunity to easily add a tip at checkout in our app, and we encourage consumers to tip 20 percent for meals that arrive on time and as ordered.

“Diners are always welcome to tip drivers in cash if that’s their preference. We also encourage more generous tips for drivers who deliver large orders, have to drive or travel in inclement weather, or have to climb a few flights of stairs.”

For drivers, a tip on each order can make a big difference. In fact, they even try to avoid tipless trips whenever they can.

What Drivers Think About Tipping Culture

If you’re trying to order food but no driver is picking up your order it may be because you’re not a tipper, and as Ray, a delivery driver for Walmart explained, sometimes the driver would actually lose money picking up a tipless delivery.

He told Newsweek: “Myself and my daughter deliver food. I deliver for Walmart and she delivers for DoorDash. We rarely accept no tip orders, because 99 percent of the time, it would cost us to deliver. I’ve also noticed that the no-tippers request more and are more likely to leave a bad rating for absolutely no reason. My time, effort, and gas are most definitely deserving of a tip.”

Ray’s daughter, Lisa, also had a lot to say about this issue, pointing out that the situation for them is only getting worse.

She said: “I’ve been dashing for nearly three years and it’s getting much worse. DoorDash cut our base pay from $3.00 per order to $2.50 per order during the pandemic, and without the customer tipping, it’s simply not worth it with the outrageous gas prices.”

She added: “It’s a convenience service and should be treated as such. I am a former waitress and made very good tips walking the food from the kitchen to customer’s tables, so I’m really not understanding how anyone doesn’t tip when we wait for their orders and drive it to their house.”

DoorDash previously told Newsweek: “Nationally, on average, Dashers earn over $25 per hour they’re on a delivery, including 100 [percent] of tips, and work fewer than four hours a week.

“Dashers are always shown a guaranteed minimum amount they will earn for completing a delivery before they even accept the delivery, as well as the location and name of the restaurant, and estimated total mileage for the delivery so that they can make the best decision for themselves while dashing.”

An image sent by Lisa, delivery driver for DoorDash, shows a delivery she refused to pick up because of the low pay.
Lisa Wilson

Mark, a delivery driver from Georgia, who’s been working for Pizza Hut for roughly three months, told Newsweek that delivering food for a living is a very unhealthy profession, calling it a “roller coaster for tips.”

He said: “If the company paid delivery drivers a decent wage, it would be different. But, the wage they pay us drivers is very terrible. I make roughly $7.25 an hour to upwards of 10 dollars depending on what I am doing. If I am in the store, it’s $10, but if I am on the road it’s $7.25 an hour.

“They pay for mileage but even that is very hard to work with, as you literally have to drive their route or you end up spending gas instead of making back what you put in gas. Where I am it’s 40 cents a mile, so roughly 50 miles earns me $20 for the night.

According to figures from, the average U.S. pizza hut delivery driver is paid $36,387 per year, or $18.66 per hour, with entry level positions starting at $29,250 annually.

“Tips is the worse of it, the most expensive delivery I have done was near $110, and got a 2-cent tip, the change of the money given, and it’s common where I live to get none to maybe 5 or 25 cents for the change out of the dollar. If you have a fuel-efficient vehicle, it’s worth it, but most kids and adults who are doing this job have the gas-guzzling old vehicles.”

“Some nights I make good in tips, well good for me is over 30 dollars in tips, but a lot of slow nights I make 5 to 10 dollars for 7 to 10 deliveries. So yes, delivering food no matter what it is, can really be a terrible way to live. Not getting a tip and having to drive 10 miles round trip really affects people.”

How Much You Should Tip A Delivery Driver?

According to Ridester, when you’re ordering food online, tipping etiquette usually falls right in line with the standard 15 percent, which it says is fine for standard or small orders that are easy to pick up and drop off, but not enough for larger orders.

When it comes to large orders, like requests that involve more than two bags, they recommend a base tip of at least 18-20 percent, “to ensure your driver is well-compensated for their efforts.”

What Percentage Of The Tip Actually Goes To The Delivery Driver?

A spokesperson for DoorDash told Newsweek that delivery drivers earn over $25 per hour when they’re on delivery, including 100 percent of tips.

“Dasher pay is based on base pay, customer tips, and promotions. Base pay is calculated based on the estimated time, distance, and desirability of an order. Applicable promotions such as Peak Pay and Challenges are added to base pay after the order is accepted, as well as 100 percent of customer tips, always,” said DoorDash, adding that “every dollar customers tip is an extra dollar in the Dasher’s pocket.”

“The Essential Guide to Tipping Your Delivery Driver” found on the Grubhub website, explains that while its tips always go to drivers, delivery fees don’t.

“When tipping on Grubhub, the tip money goes straight to the delivery drivers, as it should. Some orders may include an additional ‘delivery fee’, but this is not a tip (drivers do not receive this money), so make sure not to deduct this charge from your tip amount.”

But the way tips work is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, and Pizza Hut is a prime example.

According to the restaurant chain’s website, when you tip your drivers in cash, they keep the full amount, while tips paid through cards and Apple Pay are split, with 70 percent going to your server and the other 30 percent being distributed among the other team members working in the restaurant.

Do you have a similar monetary dilemma? Let us know via We can ask experts for advice, and your story could be featured on Newsweek.


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Cruise tip: Cruise advice for passengers from cruise worker on Royal Caribbean island | Cruise | Travel


Sue said: “I am from the UK, so the tropical year-round climate of the Caribbean is just spectacular!

“We truly live in an idyllic location, white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal blue Caribbean waters.

“It’s a lush tropical escape where the climate is incredible, and we get to share this amazing island with our guests every day.”

Even tropical islands aren’t immune to the occasional bout of bad weather and Sue said: “Monitoring the weather becomes a fanatical focus!”


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New World Player Shares Great Gold-Efficient Tip While Leveling


New World can be quite demanding in terms of Gold while leveling, but a player shares a trick that might save others’ coins in the long run.

new world gold-efficient trick purchase new gear no repair cheaper trading posts repair too expensive leveling

Amazon Game Studios’ New World is fast approaching its seventh week since the official release last September, and since then, many things have changed for the MMO. One of the most noticeable changes is that its player count decreased a lot due to a mix of reasons that range from game-breaking glitches like the Gold and material duping bug to the fact that some players feel like the game is repetitive in terms of enemy and quest variety. The consequence of this is that concurrent Steam users went down to around 200,000, a drastic drop from the all-time peak of over 900,000 just a few weeks ago.

However, it’s not all bad. Amazon Game Studios is really trying its best to make the game a safer and better place for everyone, starting with bans being handed out to cheaters and exploiters, including streamers caught red-handed. Furthermore, there are plans to link all trading posts in New World in order to improve the game’s economy and reduce the travel taxes as a result, due to players not having to constantly move between settlements. Some improvements are also coming to the new player experience, which is great because it means that now is a good time to pick New World up or return to the game and make a new character.

RELATED: New World Players Share What Makes Them Mad in the Game

Because leveling in New World is not always very easy due to several mechanics not being fully explained and the game being quite rich in terms of things to discover, a Reddit user by the name of Rheality_ shared a very useful tip for players making new characters. One of the most frustrating things in New World for new players is that dying damages all the gear worn by the character as well as that in the bag, and repairing some severely damaged pieces can be quite expensive. That’s why purchasing new equipment from the posts can be a much better idea.

In fact, some low-level items in New World can be pretty cheap when sold by other players at the trading posts, and the reason is that the market is a bit inflated at the moment. As such, sometimes players will find that repairing a weapon or a piece of armor might cost 20 to 50 Gold, whereas purchasing a better item might be cheaper and also be a great upgrade to the previous one.

The market is inflated because New World is still suffering from the Gold and material duping glitch, but the silver lining of this is that some items can sell for very low prices. That’s why checking trading posts out before venturing out into the wilds is always a good idea.

New World is available now on PC.

MORE: The State of New World Post-Launch

new world tower
New World Fan Compiles Paper Map of Aeternum

A fan of the upcoming MMO New World carefully pieces together the game’s official interactive map to create a single painterly print.

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Women’s Basketball To Tip Off The Season With An Exhibition Game Against Bentley


FRIARS TIP OFF AGAINST BENTLEY IN EXHIBITION PLAY… The Providence College women’s basketball team will host NCAA Division II Bentley in an exhibition game on Thursday, Nov. 4. The game will be played at Alumni Hall/Mullaney Gymnasium in Providence, R.I. and is scheduled to tip-off at 7:00 p.m.

HISTORY… Providence and Bentley played one another seven times during the infancy of the Friars’ women’s basketball program. As regional competitors, the two teams first met during the 1975-76 campaign and the series ended at the conclusion of the 1981-82 season. 

SEASON OPENER VS. YALE… The Friars will officially open the season on Tuesday, Nov. 9 against Yale at Alumni Hall in Providence, R.I. Tip-off is set for 4:00 p.m. The two teams last met during the 2019-20 campaign under a unique set of circumstances. The Friars traveled to New Haven, Conn. on Nov. 5, 2019 and led 42-33 at the half, but the remainder of the game was suspended due to a scoreboard malfunction. The game was eventually completed on Dec. 3 and the Bulldogs managed to pull out an 82-79 victory. Mary Baskerville paced the Friars with 19 points and nine rebounds. Ellen Andrews (23) and Roxy Barahman (19) combined to score 42 points to lead Yale. 

HOME-SWEET-HOME… The Friars will play 13 of their first 17 games at home in Alumni Hall/Mullaney Gymnasium in Providence, R.I. Through the first two months of the season, the Friars leave the city of Providence just twice. On Nov. 13, the Friars travel to Orono, Maine to face the Black Bears. On Dec. 31, Providence will travel to Cincinnati, Ohio to take on Xavier (and remain on the road to face Butler on Jan. 2). Providence’s only other road game during the months of November and December will be played at Brown University, which is located in Providence, R.I.

FRIARS SET TO MAKE THEIR RETURN TO THE DUNKIN’ DONUTS CENTER… The Friars will host a game at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center for the first time since 2010 when they welcome Connecticut on Sunday, Jan. 30. Tip-off is set for 11:00 a.m. It marks the first time Providence has played a game at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center since Feb. 6, 2010 against West Virginia.

NEW LOOK FRIARS… The Friars welcome eight new faces to the program this season, including two transfers and six freshmen. Andreana Wrister is a graduate transfer, who played four seasons at Tennessee State. Janai Crooms, a native of Cranston, R.I., has played three seasons of NCAA Division I basketball in the Big Ten at Ohio State and Michigan State. Both Wrister and Crooms are guards. Four more guards will join the rotation as freshmen in Kylee Sheppard, Meghan Huerter, Nariah Scott and Audrey Koch. Olivia Olsen and Emily Archibald join the frontcourt for their rookie seasons in the college ranks.

PROVIDENCE PICKED TO FINISH EIGHTH IN BIG EAST PRESEASON COACHES’ POLL… The Friars were picked to finish eighth in the 2021-22 BIG EAST Preseason Coaches’ Poll, which was released at the league’s annual media day at MSG in New York City. The Friars recorded 32 points in the poll and sit above Georgetown (27), Xavier (18) and Butler (17). Connecticut was a unanimous selection to win the league for a second-straight season.

MARY BASKERVILLE NAMED TO ALL-BIG EAST SECOND TEAM AT THE CONCLUSION OF 2020-21 SEASON… Last season, Mary Baskerville led Providence College in scoring (12.7 ppg), rebounding (6.5 rpg), blocked shots (1.8 bpg), steals (1.4 spg) and field-goal percentage (.538, 112-208). For her efforts, she was named to the All-BIG EAST Second Team. It marked her first postseason honor since earning BIG EAST Freshman of the Year and BIG EAST All-Freshman Team accolades in 2019. 

ALYSSA GEARY LOOKS TO PICK UP WHERE SHE LEFT OFF… Senior Alyssa Geary returns for her senior year having shown steady progress in her game each of the previous three seasons. Last year, she started all 21 games ranked second among her teammates in (11.4 ppg) and blocked shots (1.3 bpg) and third in rebounding (4.8 rpg) and assists (2.4 apg). Geary recorded a team-best 15 double-digit scoring games, including six-straight to finish the season. She led the Friars in scoring (14.5 ppg), rebounding (6.5 rpg) and blocked shots (2.0 bpg) during the BIG EAST Tournament, including 19 points and nine rebounds in the Friars’ First Round victory over Butler (Mar. 3). 

FRIARS IN THE POSTSEASON… The Friars’ last appeared in the postseason during the 2018-19 campaign, when their current senior class came on to the scene as freshmen. Providence’s 2019 WNIT selection marked the program’s 15th post-season appearance overall and first since 2010. In 2019-20, NCAA and WNIT Championships were canceled to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Friars did not qualify for postseason during the abbreviated 2020-21 campaign.  Complete post-season breakdown below (records in parentheses).

2018-19 WNIT Round of 16 – (2-1)

2009-10 WNIT Quarterfinal Round (3-1)

1991-92 NCAA Tournament First Round (0-1)

1990-91 NCAA Tournament Second Round (1-1)

1989-90 NCAA Tournament East Regional (1-1)

1988-89 NCAA Tournament First Round (0-1)

1986-87 National Women’s Invitational Tournament (1-2)

1985-86 NCAA Tournament First Round (0-1)

1981-82 EAIAW Regional Tournament (0-1)

1980-81 EAIAW Regional Tournament (0-1)

1979-80 EAIAW National Tournament (3-1)

1978-79 EAIAW Regional Tournament (0-1)

1977-78 EAIAW Regional Tournament (1-1)

1976-77 EAIAW Regional Tournament (2-2)

1975-76 EAIAW Regional Tournament (1-2)

WHAT’S NEXT… The Friars will open the 2021-22 regular-season schedule against Ivy League foe Yale on Tuesday, Nov. 9. The game will be played at Alumni Hall/Mullaney Gymnasium in Providence, R.I. Tip-off is set for 4:00 p.m.


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Baltimore Sun letters to the editor: inspiring media critic, travel tip, Biden’s bungling of Afghanistan exit and Red Line revival | READER COMMENTARY


The economic exploitation sucked massive amounts of money out of the city and into the pockets of white bankers, real estate speculators and landlords, many of whom fled the city. Some of that money must be reinvested in the city, and the debt repaid, to restore the economic vitality of impoverished neighborhoods and the city’s residential and commercial density through projects like the Red Line.


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How Do Social Media’s Virtual Tip Jar Features Compare?


Over the past few years, spurred by the growth of a creator-driven economy, a number of startups emerged to offer monetization services for influencers. Companies like Ko-fi and Buy Me a Coffee, for example, stepped up to offer third-party tipping platforms.

Alongside independent startups, major social media platforms are now rising to the occasion and offering in-suite tip jars, according to Insider’s Amanda Perelli, who recently reviewed some of the biggest tipping features in the game. Both YouTube and Twitter launched beta versions of in-suite tipping features in the past few months. Clubhouse and SoundCloud also recently announced features that would allow fans to pay their favorite creators directly. 

So how do some of these in-suite tipping features and third-party tipping platforms compare? Here’s our breakdown: 

In summary, third-party sites (Ko-fi, Buy Me a Coffee, or Koji) seem easy enough to use, encourage flexible one-time tips, and take little to no pay cuts. Although, having to go to a totally separate site to donate might be a barrier for some fans. 

In-suite tipping features, in comparison, tend to offer a more gamified experience. Staying in-app might encourage regular tipping from fans since they won’t have to travel to an unfamiliar platform to support a creator. 

However, in-app options are currently limited. TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram only allow tipping during live streams; YouTube and Twitter are still in beta stages. Another drawback is that TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook take a larger cut than most third-party apps. 

If you’re a creator, what’s your experience with tipping features? Shoot us an email at to potentially get featured in a future newsletter.

*First Published: Aug 5, 2021, 6:00 am CDT

Grace Stanley

Grace Stanley is a reporter covering tips and tricks for creators and influencers. She is also the social media manager for Nautilus Magazine and a University of Texas at Austin alum.


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Mum of three shares best travel tip for going overseas with children


Summer stories is 9Honey’s latest series where Nine reporters reflect on their favourite holiday memories over the years.

9News Brisbane Reporter Alison Ariotti’s advice for new parents travelling with children is simple: “You have to halve the expectations and double the amount of time it takes to do anything.”

The mum of three learnt the lesson the long way during her first overseas trip to Hawaii.

Summer Stories: ‘I went on the biggest nightmare road trip in the ’70s’

Alison Ariotti
“You have to halve the expectations and double the amount of time it takes to do anything.” (Supplied)

During a summer holiday in January last year, Ariotti gave her kids the dream holiday of their young lifetime — a stay at the Disney report, filled with entertainment activities, water slides and visits from their favourite cartoon characters.

“It was everything you needed for a family and they had the most beautiful time,” Ariotti tells 9Honey.

“But of course, it wasn’t without it’s disaster moments.”

Ariotti, husband Gerry, and their three children aged five, three and six months during the trip, decided to embark on a half-day long catamaran trip around the coast of Hawaii.

Summer Stories: ‘It’s an Australian summer in a nutshell’

“It was my husband and middle child’s birthday and it sounded so good in theory — turns out, it wasn’t the smartest of ideas.”

Within moments of setting foot onto the vessel, Arriotti discovered her eldest child suffers from severe seasickness, forcing her to remain stationary and curled up below deck during the entire ride.

Between managing one sick child, a baby in a carrier and another child, Ariotti and her husband were surrounded by a crowd that consisted of backpackers and people in bikinis knocking back champagne.

“It probably wasn’t the best moment or idea, but we got some hilarious photos of it.”

When the shores settled and the family were back on land, Ariotti was determined to make sure her husband’s birthday wish of surfing on Waikiki’s spectacular beaches came true.

Alison Ariotti
Within moments of setting foot onto the vessel, Arriotti discovered her eldest child suffers from severe seasickness. (Supplied)

“We had one night in Waikiki and after all the things we had to deal with, I wanted to make sure he got in at least one surf,” Ariotti explains.

“And right as he was about to head out, one of our kids was ready to vomit in the pool.”

The couple spent the rest of the afternoon on their final night on the tropical island looking after their daughtering and “attempting”, as Ariotti puts it, “to keep the kids entertained.”

“It was a mission to say the least,” she laughs.

Alison Ariotti
“We’re so glad we made those memories, and the kids have not stopped talking about it since.” (Supplied)

While the sun set and Ariotti’s husband wasn’t able to get his single surf in on the trip, the family look back on their first overseas summer together as the “memory of a lifetime.”

“Even though it was a challenge with three children under the age of five, stuck on a plane, sick, and whatever else we dealt with, you do get a sense of real achievement when you manage to have a fun time!” Ariotti shares.

“We’re so glad we made those memories, and the kids have not stopped talking about it since.”

Summer Stories: ‘The whole week was one bucket list tick after another’


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