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A foreign land. Three young children. A rollercoaster pandemic.  

After nearly two years in Germany, Air Force spouse Jessica Lynn could list plenty of reasons to stay close to home. Yet, she remains determined to explore new placeswhile encouraging other OCONUS families to safely do the same.  

“It can be so scary moving to a new place,” she said, “but rip off the Band-Aid of your comfort zone and see what you can see.” 

Stationed in Geilenkirchen, Germany, since June 2020, Jessica Lynn is always on the lookout for the next adventure with her husband, a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, and three kids (ages 5, 7 and 9). Due to the current hassles of air travel, most of their getaways have been road trips to nearby Austria, the Netherlands and quaint German villages 

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Highlights so far include Wernigerode, Germany, where their family visited Rapunzel’s tower, and Normandy, France, where they spent four days exploring the infamous landing site of American troops during WWII 

Julia (9), Madilyn (7) and Logan (5) sit on the steps of the Rathaus (town hall), in Wernigerode, Germany.

For Jessica Lynn, writing about travel is nothing new. In college, she started her first blog while studying abroad in England 

“It was just a way to keep in touch with friends and family,” she said.  

The blog’s focus shifted once she started dating her then-boyfriend, now-husband, Kenny, who was already in the Air Force. Knowing very little about the military, Jessica Lynn started writing about their long-distance relationship from a fresh perspective. These journal-style entries drew in readers from outside her personal network.  

I started gaining followers, which was such a new concept back then when you would write just to write,” she said.  

A few years later, she left a beloved job at a magazine in New Mexico to get married and move to Georgia

Logan examines the intricate ceiling at Schloss Benrath (the Pink Palace) near Düsseldorf, Germany.

the first of six duty stations with Kenny, including Italy and Germany. 

Today Jessica Lynn shares posts about family friendly destinations, captivating reels from their adventures and PCS tips for military families with thousands of followers across Pinterest and Instagram 

“I really enjoy connecting through my words and helping other military spouses and girlfriends,” she said. “I’ve moved to new bases already knowing people there because they’ve read my posts. It’s rewarding to hear that something I’ve written has helped someone or made an impact.” 

When Jessica Lynn isn’t blogging or traveling, you can find her cooking or researching the next destination on her family’s trip list, which for 2022 includes Paris, the Northern Lights, Canary Islands, Spain, Portugal and a Baltic cruise. She hopes to visit 10 new countries this year and plans to blog highlights and photos of each adventurealong with hard-earned tips for taking kids along. 



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Cruise tip: Cruise advice for passengers from cruise worker on Royal Caribbean island | Cruise | Travel


Sue said: “I am from the UK, so the tropical year-round climate of the Caribbean is just spectacular!

“We truly live in an idyllic location, white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal blue Caribbean waters.

“It’s a lush tropical escape where the climate is incredible, and we get to share this amazing island with our guests every day.”

Even tropical islands aren’t immune to the occasional bout of bad weather and Sue said: “Monitoring the weather becomes a fanatical focus!”


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Jack White Shares Hypnotic New Single “Hi-De-Ho” Featuring Q-Tip; Unveils “Queen Of The Bees” From Second Album This Year


Jack White Shares Hypnotic New Single “Hi-De-Ho” Featuring Q-Tip; Unveils “Queen Of The Bees” From Second Album This Year
Photo Credit: Raymond Flotat

Singer Jack White has released his newest single, “Hi-De-Ho,” for his upcoming album, Fear of the Dawn, which will launch April 8. He also released a single for another album, titled Entering Heaven Alive, which is currently set for release on July 22.

“Hi-De-Ho,” featuring Q-Tip, is a mesmerizing track that leaves little up to the imagination. There’s evidently a bit of something for everyone in this blistering song. Meanwhile, “Queen of the Bees,” off the upcoming Entering Heaven Alive album, introduces more of a jazzy, consistent and calming love song.

“I’m a fly on the wall and you’re the queen of the bees,” White sings.

White also unveiled dates for his tour, The Supply Chain Issues Tour, which will travel around North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. It will begin April 8 in Detroit, Michigan, and conclude August 29 in Kansas City, Missouri. The tour will make stops in Boston, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Tulsa, El Paso, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, and more.

In the meantime, White has two albums set for release via Third Man Records, one on April 8, and the other on July 22. Both track lists can be viewed below.

Photo Credit: Raymond Flotat

Fear of the Dawn

1. Taking Me Back

2. Fear of the Dawn

3. The White Raven

4. Hi-De-Ho (feat. Q-Tip)

5. Eosophobia

6. Into the Twilight

7. Dusk

8. What’s the Trick?

9. That Was Then, This is Now

10. Eosophobia (Reprise)

11. Morning, Noon and Night

12. Shedding My Velvet

Entering Heaven Alive

1. A Tip from You to Me

2. All Along the Way

3. Help Me Along

4. Love is Selfish

5. I’ve Got You Surrounded with my Love

6. Queen of the Bees

7. A Tree on Fire from Within

8. If I Die Tomorrow

9. Please God, Don’t Tell Anyone

10. A Madman From Manhattan

11. Taking Me Back


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