40 Back to School Gifts


Solo3 Wireless Headphones

They’re hands-free, allowing activation thanks to Siri, and allowing them to be used without laying so much as a finger on their phone. They offer great sound quality, and are plenty loud. You’re going to be listening to your favorite tunes for a pretty long while thanks to the outstanding battery life.


Get a pair at Walmart.


Marvel Favorite Heroes Hoodie

This unique hoodie makes a great gift for your favorite superhero fanatic. They can go through the Marvel periodic table with all their favorite heroes and villains on it. Enjoy a great fit and plenty of comfort with a unique hoodie from marvel. A stylish hoodie that’s also great for any occasion 


Get one at Target.


Powerbeats Pro

Enjoy your favorite songs, TV shows, and conversations with the Powerbeats Pro wireless buds. These headphones also come with active noise cancelation, which is great because of all the remote learning being done these days. 


Get a pair on Amazon.


Quad Chunky Ring Set

If your kid is into fashion, they’ll definitely appreciate a set of super trendy chunky jewelry. They come in several colors matching up to the rainbow. Rest assured you’re getting exactly what you bargain for. The seller cares and will even go the extra mile to make sure the rings are just right for you.


Get them on Etsy.


Loki Slippers

A comfy pair of slippers can be worn all year round. They’re great indoors and outdoors and come in all sorts of sizes for kids of all ages. They hold up nicely against the elements and are also water-resistant.


Get a pair on Amazon.


We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

A great gift for sleepovers, girl’s nights, or hanging out with her new boyfriend. This box of question cards will help them get to know each other better by inciting deep conversations to build up meaningful connections. 


Get one on Amazon.


Smoko Toasty Heatable Plushie

She’ll love this snuggly stuffed animal, which comes in a range of cute designs including a sloth, croissant, corgi, koala, boba, and more. You can heat it in the microwave and it comes with a lavender-scented pouch. It’s great company when you’re watching a movie, or studying for a test. 


Get one on eBay.


Novel Duffel Bag

Great as a weekend bag for the gym. This duffel bag even comes with a separate compartment for your shoes. This duffle bag features a timeless look and utility style that makes it a great companion for the gym and long trips. It’s got plenty of carry options and storage space, including your shoes.


Get one on Amazon.


“Things They Don’t Teach You In School” Game

Why doesn’t the Mona Lisa have eyebrows? In what year was shampoo invented? What is the maximum number of holes a bowling bowl is allowed to have? These are just some of the questions you can expect in an unconventional trivia game with more than 400 questions and answers you’ll never see coming.


Get one on Amazon.


Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush

This brush has timed sonic vibrations and allows them to track their oral hygiene habits with an app. It includes things like duration of brushing, coverage and brush strokes. 


Get one at Best Buy.



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